Metafizzy taking over Infinite Scroll

5 Jun 2017

Metafizzy taking over Infinite Scroll

Metafizzy is taking over Infinite Scroll. In addition to assuming maintenance of the project, Metafizzy will release a brand new version of Infinite Scroll in the coming weeks.

Infinite Scroll is the OG of jQuery plugins, first created by Paul Irish in 2007. It works by automatically adding the next page's content to current page, saving the user from a full page load. Infinite Scroll combined several of jQuery's best features: AJAX page requests, dynamic UI, and progressive enhancement. Developers could drop its .js file on their page and feel super-powered, watching their sites come alive with its effortless integration.

Infinite Scroll is a project that is near and dear to my heart. Its code served as a principle reference when I was first learning jQuery development and working on Masonry. Infinite Scroll has been the chocolate to Masonry's peanut butter. It was unfortunate to see it go unmaintained for the past couple years, but such is the case for older jQuery plugins.

I'm delighted to be bringing the Scroll back to life. Expect the big launch shortly.

Masonry gets horizontalOrder

5 May 2017

I've added Masonry's first new layout feature in years. horizontalOrder for Masonry and Isotope will position items in a Masonry staggered layout, but maintain left-to-right order. Previously, Masonry would discard horizontal order and position items in the closest position to the top. While the first row would have horizontal order: 1, 2, 3; subsequent rows would break the order: 5, 4, 6 ... 9, 7, 8.

Masonry and left-to-right order

Try out the demo on CodePen.

See the Pen Masonry & Isotope horizontalOrder by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

This feature has been hotly requested over a long time. For a while, I felt a horizontalOrder feature went against the purpose of Masonry. Masonry is supposed to mess up the horizontal order — that's what makes it Masonry. But recently, I've started relenting over these philosophical stances. If hundreds of people are asking for the same thing, maybe I shouldn't be so stubborn.

RGB Schemes logo in Computer Arts

4 May 2017

As part of their March 2017 issue on VR, Computer Arts featured the RGB Schemes logo in a five page spread. I got to share the nitty gritty of how the project came together, working through the brief, and all the stuff that didn't make the cut. You can still grab a back issue online.

Computer Arts RGB Schemes logo article

Computer Arts RGB Schemes logo article

wyDay logos

22 Mar 2017

wyDay logos

After seeing my work on Logo Pizza, Wyatt at wyDay employed my services to design a new set of logos for wyDay and its products, LimeLM and wyBuild. wyDay makes "premium software development tools for high-tech companies." A kindred spirit for Metafizzy!

wyDay logos before & after

wyDay already had a strong brand to work with. That LimeLM pirate with lime eye patch is a great visual — easily memorable. The wyDay and wyBuild logos were a bit generic, so I was offered a blank slate for them. The end result is a set of straight-forward, iconic emblems.

wyDay logo process

Each logo has a separate theme and subject, so I brought them together with the same visual style: clear, distinct shapes; flat color; and friendly, rounded corners. Each of these logos is instantly recognizable.

As a bespoke designer-artisan, it's easy to get carried away with a clever logo. Logos have a job: identify the thing. Clever isn't always the best approach. It can go against making a memorable impression. It was great to work with a client that had the confidence to stick with straight-forward choices. These logos do a proper job identifying the goods, and letting the wyDay user experience take it from there. Check 'em out at wyDay and buy Wyatt's stuff.

wyDay logo variations

Mealio logo

8 Mar 2017

Mealio logo

If you eat and if you even remotely like food then Mealio is the right place for you. Mealio helps people solve the problem of constantly having to create a weekly meal plan by generating them based on the user's preferences. It's like Spotify for food.

I was tasked to design the Mealio logo. I delivered on an friendly & clever M monogram that evokes the approachable and helpful qualities of Mealio. The fork and knife fitting within the counters of the M say it all. Knife, fork, M = Mealio.

Mealio logo design process

Sunset Spark logo

6 Mar 2017

Sunset Spark logo

Sunset Spark is a technology and science school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. They teach new American families all the subjects I would have devoured as a kid: robotics, creative coding, game development. Just take a peak at their Insta. I'm proud to have designed their new logo.

The double-S and bolt logo is a nice balance between approachable/fun and professional/serious. The bolt is front and center. The S's take a back seat formed by the bolt and the outlines.

Sunset Spark logo design process