wyDay logos

22 Mar 2017 · by David DeSandro

wyDay logos

After seeing my work on Logo Pizza, Wyatt at wyDay employed my services to design a new set of logos for wyDay and its products, LimeLM and wyBuild. wyDay makes "premium software development tools for high-tech companies." A kindred spirit for Metafizzy!

wyDay logos before & after

wyDay already had a strong brand to work with. That LimeLM pirate with lime eye patch is a great visual — easily memorable. The wyDay and wyBuild logos were a bit generic, so I was offered a blank slate for them. The end result is a set of straight-forward, iconic emblems.

wyDay logo process

Each logo has a separate theme and subject, so I brought them together with the same visual style: clear, distinct shapes; flat color; and friendly, rounded corners. Each of these logos is instantly recognizable.

As a bespoke designer-artisan, it's easy to get carried away with a clever logo. Logos have a job: identify the thing. Clever isn't always the best approach. It can go against making a memorable impression. It was great to work with a client that had the confidence to stick with straight-forward choices. These logos do a proper job identifying the goods, and letting the wyDay user experience take it from there. Check 'em out at wyDay and buy Wyatt's stuff.

wyDay logo variations