Windex: pretty-up your localhost

3 Apr 2018 · by David DeSandro

Windex icons

As 90% of my job is making static websites, I am often looking at directory index pages. You know, those ancient pages with titles like Index of /projects/. Long ago, I swore off the ugly unstyled 90's default and chose a higher path.

Windex is a little library that creates styled directory index pages with Apache. Simply put, it allows you to use CSS on your localhost. Features include:

  • SVG icons, sized pixel-perfect for 24x24 & multiples thereof
  • View HTML files without extensions: project/page.html at project/page
  • Nice mobile view with big tap targets

Windex screenshot

View Windex demo on CodePen

Setting up a practical localhost on macOS

I like to use localhost so I can view my projects in ~/projects. This allows me to create static sites that I can easily view in the browser, without having to start up a server. For example, going to http://localhost/masonry/sandbox allows me to view ~/projects/masonry/sandbox.

Below are instructions to set that up on macOS. Sorry Windows users, you're on your own here. This will make a single user's folder viewable for all users. For separate users folders like localhost/~username, view these instructions.

Open /etc/apache2/httpd.conf in your text editor. Making changes to this file will require administrator access. Change the following lines (line numbers may vary in your file):

Line 169: Enable mod_rewrite. This enables .htaccess files to rewrite URLs.

LoadModule rewrite_module libexec/apache2/

Lines 238-239: Change DocumentRoot and subsequent Directory to your desired directory. This sets localhost to point to the directory.

DocumentRoot "/Users/username/projects"
<Directory "/Users/username/projects">

Line 252: Within this <Directory> block, add Indexes to Options. This enables file index view.

    Options FollowSymLinks Multiviews Indexes

Line 260: Change AllowOverride value to All. This enables .htaccess files.

    AllowOverride All

That block should look like:

DocumentRoot "/Users/username/projects"
<Directory "/Users/username/projects">
    # Possible values for the Options directive...
    Options FollowSymLinks Multiviews Indexes
    MultiviewsMatch Any

    # AllowOverride controls what directives...
    AllowOverride All

    # Controls who can get stuff from this server.
    Require all granted

In Terminal, start or restart apachectl.

sudo apachectl restart

View http://localhost in a browser. You'll should see the index page for ~/projects. Without Windex, it's ugly, but it works. With Windex, it's pretty.

If you messed up httpd.conf, you can replace it with its original at /etc/apache2/original/httpd.conf.

Viewing on other devices on macOS

You can view this localhost on another device like a phone.

  1. Open System Preferences. Select Sharing.
  2. Change Computer name to something rad, like thunderclaw, if you haven't already.
  3. Enable File sharing.

Now, you can view http://thunderclaw.local on another device if you are on the same Wi-Fi.

Windex is the one tool I use every day. Originally created in 2010, it is one of my first open-source projects. Before this recent overhaul, I had been using that first version for years, which had iPhone v1 glossy buttons. Let's see if this version lasts me until 2026.

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