The best time

8 Jan 2015 · by David DeSandro

Right now is the best time. I've been working on Flickity, a new creation, for the past several weeks. It's been a completely solo endeavor. Just me and the code.

The code is new and pristine. Each step forward is an act of creation — it's own reward. This is a time of self-actualization. I am working at my highest level of quality, outputting my highest quantities. Making something new, for yourself and by yourself, feels so satisfying. It redeems all the drudgery of programming and open-source development.

Once it's released, the nirvana is over. There will be issues, support requests, other people wanting other things. The project will have a weight I'll have to bear. I'll be its steward.

Last week, I was involved in a issue about CSS minfication saving 8kb. Eight kilobytes. Four different people disagreed with me over this minutia. It's not that someone is right and someone is wrong — It's about feeling empowered.

Programming can be miraculous. I've had strangers across the world reach out and lift up the work for the innate ideal of making something better. But this comes at a cost. Your creation is no longer your own. It belongs to everybody.