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6 Dec 2016 · by David DeSandro

Shepherd brand

Shepherd is a platform for business owners to build communities and peer groups so they can better face the challenges and opportunities they share (launching soon!). I designed the brand with supervision from Shepherd's lead, Ben. The main logo depicts two crossed shepherd crooks forming an S.

The alternate logo is a dog, an Australian shepherd. Shepherds still use dogs to herd and control their flocks. Dogs are a great symbol of companionship and loyalty, qualities central to Shepherd. Herding breeds like the Aussie and border collie are the smartest.

Erin loves Aussies. Even as her husband, I'll always be second place in her heart, behind her family Aussie, Tess. She was thrilled to find my screen like this:

Aussie desktop

Designing an Aussie logo was a fun challenge. Blue merle Aussies have striking coloring, with gray and black patchwork and tan points. My solution was to stylize the whole image: use a striped pattern for the patches, punch up the colors to blue and gold, and stick to an angular grid. It's a dog you won't forget.

Shepherd logo sketches

Shepherd logo explorations

Shepherd logo explorations

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