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15 Jun 2018 · by David DeSandro

Pre logo mascots

I designed the mascot & logo for Pre, a social app for sharing moments with your best friends.

I explored a variety of concepts in the initial sketches, going for friendly and lightweight.

  • Osprey - It has "pre" in the name
  • Cute, bouncy mammals - Jaguarundi, polecat, and pudĂș
  • Piranha - Sort of sounds like "pre": pre-ranha (work with me)
  • Rabbit - A take on the rabbit in the hat from Alice in Wonderland. Trying to meet up.
  • Preeple - abstract humanoid cuties

Pre logo mascot sketches

Sensing a promising lead, I then did a wider exploration of the Preeple concept. I tried out hair shapes, accessories, and more detailed character designs

Pre logo preeple sketches

We selected Osprey 3, Rabbit 24, and Preeple 28 sketches to work on in vector.

Pre logo round2

Several of theses concepts went to live on as logos for Logo Pizza. Osprey and Mechanical hare are available for sale.

Pre Logo Pizza logos

For Pre, we landed on the Preeple 1 design, with a little dude waving to say hello. He perfectly exemplified the character of Pre: friendly, simple, and inviting. From there, I chisled out the finer details of the design.

Pre logo round3

Pre app icon

The 'green waver' was selected as the main logo. We also decided to build out his supporting cast. They represented the other friends in your crew: the selfie queen, the grumpster, and the person who you always have to convince to come out. I also provided multiple facial expressions, which could be used as default avatars or in messaging.

Pre mascot characters

Pre tweet

Alas, the Pre app is likely no longer available, but that lil' dude will keep on waving in my heart.

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