New words

26 Feb 2018 · by David DeSandro

Hoefler & Co. Isotope

Last month, Hoefler & Co. released a new family of typefaces named Isotope. The name immediately grabbed my attention.

Early on, I chose common words for projects names as was the fashion, like Masonry and Isotope. But since, I have switched for the unique: Packery, Flickity, Huebee. Unique names offer distinct advantages:

  1. Easier tracking for SEO & social media mentions
  2. Better availability with domains, npm, GitHub

Developers are notoriously bad at naming things. How many Papers, Atlases, and Fabrics are out there? Adopting generic names leaves you wide open for collision.

We are creating new things in a new era. What better place for new words? Go on, get weird, and make a new name for yourself.

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