New demo - Combination filters

29 Mar 2011 · by David DeSandro

I just added a new Isotope demo for a highly-requested feature -- combination filters. Filtering with a single filter is fairly easy, just pass in a basic selector like { filter: '.red' } or { filter: '.tall' }. But if you wanted to filter for items that are both red and tall, you would need to combine these as one selector: { filter: '.red.tall' }. This demo shows you how to build an interface that will allow for such an interaction.

Check it out in all its Playskool glory!

Isotope Combination filters demo screenshot

The JS isn't too heavy. I'm using an object to store the filter for each group. Then when a new item is clicked, I update the object, compile an array of the filters, and then merge them together as one string. To allow a filter of nothing for each group, I assign an empty string for that group.

var $container = $('#container'),
    filters = {};

// filter buttons
$('.filter a').click(function(){
  var $this = $(this),
      isoFilters = [],
      prop, selector;
  // store filter value in object
  // i.e. filters.color = 'red'
  filters[ $'group') ] = $'filter');

  for ( prop in filters ) {
    isoFilters.push( filters[ prop ] )
  selector = isoFilters.join('');
  $container.isotope({ filter: selector });

  return false;

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