Metafizzy taking over Infinite Scroll

5 Jun 2017 · by David DeSandro

Metafizzy taking over Infinite Scroll

Metafizzy is taking over Infinite Scroll. In addition to assuming maintenance of the project, Metafizzy will release a brand new version of Infinite Scroll in the coming weeks.

Infinite Scroll is the OG of jQuery plugins, first created by Paul Irish in 2007. It works by automatically adding the next page's content to current page, saving the user from a full page load. Infinite Scroll combined several of jQuery's best features: AJAX page requests, dynamic UI, and progressive enhancement. Developers could drop its .js file on their page and feel super-powered, watching their sites come alive with its effortless integration.

Infinite Scroll is a project that is near and dear to my heart. Its code served as a principle reference when I was first learning jQuery development and working on Masonry. Infinite Scroll has been the chocolate to Masonry's peanut butter. It was unfortunate to see it go unmaintained for the past couple years, but such is the case for older jQuery plugins.

I'm delighted to be bringing the Scroll back to life. Expect the big launch shortly.

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