Metafizzy socks now on sale

19 Jun 2018 · by David DeSandro

Metafizzy socks

Metafizzy socks

I love socks. Slipping into a pair of socks you adore can change your whole day. No matter how bad things get, at least you're feet are living their best life. That's why I made Metafizzy socks. Wild colors, overly-cute design. These are the socks my feet were made for.

Metafizzy socks feature argyle design on leg and fizzy bear face on the top of the foot. Things are looking up for that cutie. Knit with comfy-soft cotton threads, you'll be walking on sunshine. Colors are a show-stopping combo of red, orange, gold, and blue. 1-size fits all Adult Medium. Made in the USA.

Makes a great gift. Everyone wears socks.

Look at these glorious socks.

Don't see your country as a shipping destination? Email or Tweet @metafizzyco to get your country added.

Check out the Eventbrite crew rocking the rainbows.

Refactor t-shirt

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