Metafizzy is a silly, silly name

2 Dec 2010 · by David DeSandro

And that's how I like it. It's etymology is derived from metaphysics or metaphysical, but twists the highfalutin philosophical concept and makes it all cuddly and cute with a bubbly adjective.

Of course, using Meta in the name isn't too original for a web business. Let's see, there's...

Visually, the word has a good shape. Two ascenders and one descender make for a nice bouma. Plus with that in the middle, I get a sweet ligature that'll tickle the ribs of any typophiles (more on that in another couple posts).

Naming a new endeavor is always sort of a hassle. It should be short, catchy, and generally relate to the product or service your pushing. But as a web-property, not only do you need a good name, you run into issues with availability for domain name or usernames like for Twitter. In my case, both and @metafizzy are already taken. But I'm okay with sacrificing the untarnished username and .com domain in favor of a name I like. After all, if your service is good enough, people will find you.

When kicking around product ideas at nclud, I feel like we can get too wrapped up in finding the perfect domain name. Even worse, we start devising the best short URL for our imaginary service. It's like in high school, when you really wanted to start a band. So you start scribbling out names of your imaginary band. Then you start sketching logo concepts. When the entire time you should have been practicing guitar and writing songs.

So be sure to come out to the San Dimas High School Battle of Bands this Friday night, where my act Metafizzy will be taking on last semesters champs, Wyld Stallyns.

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