Mealio logo

8 Mar 2017 · by David DeSandro

Mealio logo

If you eat and if you even remotely like food then Mealio is the right place for you. Mealio helps people solve the problem of constantly having to create a weekly meal plan by generating them based on the user's preferences. It's like Spotify for food.

I was tasked to design the Mealio logo. I delivered on an friendly & clever M monogram that evokes the approachable and helpful qualities of Mealio. The fork and knife fitting within the counters of the M say it all. Knife, fork, M = Mealio.

Mealio logo design process

Refactor t-shirt

Refactor shirt

You know what’s truly metal? Nicely encapsulated code with human-readable comments.

Printed on super-soft Black Tri-blend. Women's sizes available.