Isotope v2 released

31 Mar 2014 · by David DeSandro

  • Responsive web design
  • RequireJS
  • Bower, Component(1), Browserify
  • jsFiddle & CodePen

When Isotope v1 was released three years ago, these things either weren't on the map or didn't even exist. Front-end development has made incredible leaps since then. Isotope v1 was designed to be at the cutting edge of front-end technology, but it eventually felt like it was being left behind by its own environment. With this big version 2 upgrade, Isotope is back in front.

Isotope v2 big features include:

Read over the changes from Isotope v1 for a number of other improvements and upgrades.

Isotope documentation has been upgraded as well. All demos are displayed along side their explanations. Each demo can be edited on CodePen (that's 44 demos!), providing clear visibility to how Isotope works. Here's the filtering demo:

See the Pen Isotope - filtering by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Commercial licenses purchased for v1 can be used for v2. No need to purchase a new one.

My thanks go out to all you eager folks for trying out the v2 beta. Catching all those bugs makes me all the more confident that Isotope v2 will be a great experience.

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