Infinite Scroll v3 released

26 Jun 2017 · by David DeSandro

Infinite Scroll v3 homepage

Today, Metafizzy is releasing a brand new version of Infinite Scroll.

Infinite Scroll automatically adds next pages, saving users a full page load. For a decade, it's been a premier JavaScript plugin and a significant part of the web. After going quiet for a couple years, we have taken over the project from Paul Irish's stewardship and brought it in to the Metafizzy product family.

Infinite Scroll v3 is a complete re-write that brings lots of great, new features:

As a Metafizzy product, Infinite Scroll v3 has all the features and benefits you've come to know and expect: easy-to-use, powerful to extend, with a robust API of options, methods, and events.

Try out Infinite Scroll v3 here!

Infinite Scroll has been near and dear to my heart since I was first learning JavaScript. I'm delighted to be bringing it back to life.

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