imagesLoaded v5 released

22 Feb 2022 · by David DeSandro

imagesloaded v5

Ladies & gentleman of the jury, if it may please your honor, I give you a new major version of imagesLoaded, v5. imagesLoaded is a small-ish JavaScript plugin to detect when images have been loaded on the page. v5 brings some hotly requested features:

  • Added proper support for srcset
  • Added proper support for <picture>
  • Refactored with ES2018
  • Added support for crossOrigin attribute
  • BREAKING - dropped support for Internet Explorer

The srcset and <picture> support have been a long time coming. You can now use imagesLoaded with modern image markup.

imagesLoaded plays a key role with Masonry, Isotope, and Flickity. In order to layout elements with JavaScript, you need to know the element's size. And to measure the element's size, you need to know when images are loaded. imagesLoaded solves for that. It's been instrumental to the success of Metafizzy's plugins.

imagesLoaded first started a gist by Paul Irish. It's now 12 years old.

See to complete documentation.