imagesLoaded v3

27 May 2013 · by David DeSandro

imagesLoaded just got a big upgrade this week. It just got a whole lot more reliable and consistent across browsers.


Prior to the fresh version 3, imagesLoaded relied on a hack, flipping out an images src in order to clear it from a browser cache. Now, the script checks for naturalWidth, and then fallbacks to listening for load or error event on proxy images.

You can thank @Darsain for revising the code. Checking for loading images is actually a tricky endeavor, as various browsers have bizarre quirks involved with loading and caching images. This latest revision is a fine piece of work, as it resolves all the previous bugginess. I owe you, Tomas.

imagesLoaded is an important component library for Masonry, Isotope, and Packery. Without it, using images in dynamic layout libraries would be slow and ugly. I'm jazzed to keep support for this resource going, in its third year of development.

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