Flickity v2 released: groupCells, adaptiveHeight, parallax

18 Jul 2016 · by David DeSandro

Flickity is the best carousel library there is. Since its initial release last year, Flickity has grown to be hugely popular (thank you for making that happen!), being put to use in high-profile sites like Engadget, Artsy, and Kanye West's yeezysupply.com. With version 2, Flickity cements its status as the go-to carousel.

Version 2 is a huge upgrade. Let's take a look at some of its new features.

Groups cells together to act as individual slides with groupCells.

See the Pen Flickity - groupCells by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

adaptiveHeight changes the height of carousel to fit height of selected slide.

See the Pen Flickity - adaptiveHeight with transition by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Lazy-load background images with bgLazyLoad.

See the Pen Flickity - bgLazyLoad by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Create parallax effects with the scroll event.

See the Pen Flickity - keyhole parallax by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Check out this fun Yoshi's Island tribute!

See the Pen Yoshi's Island parallax Flickity by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Flickity v2 removes old IE8 & 9 browser support, dropping 800 lines of code, making it 15% smaller. Webpack usage has been simplified — no more config junk. All these goodies are backed up with our top-notch documentation and feature-by-feature demos and CodePens. Best part: Flickity v2 is backwards-compatible with the previous version 1.

Flick that upgrade up.

This wraps up the 2016 major version upgrade run. Did you catch Isotope v3 and Packery v2? It's been a doozy — banging out major releases for every big library, multitudes of support libraries, and all the documentation sites. Pushing out all that code was a thrill, feeling like a developer super-producer. But I'm relieved now that it's all wrapped up. Time to build something new.

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