Flickity takes The Field

17 Dec 2015 · by David DeSandro

The Field is a new outdoor lifestyle publication, or as founder Chris Stillitano puts it, "The Field is a place for good design and the great outdoors." It's also a great place to see Flickity in use.

The Field photo essay

The Field quick read

The Field's beautiful photo galleries are made with Flickity. It's great to see how they've taken advantage of Flickity's customizable previous & buttons to minimally style and position them. The slide counters change on cellSelect.

The site has a keen design sense, utilizing different layouts for its various content types. So much care went into these photo galleries. Watch how images resize and center while resizing the browser, even with images of varying aspect ratios.

And check out the sidebar photo gallery expanding across the page!

What truly melts my heart is how well Flickity fits inside of The Field's greater presentation. It works along side the publication's captivating photography and insightful commentary. Chris & co. are able to use Flickity to tell a bigger story — Flickity just plays a small part.

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