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21 Sep 2017 · by David DeSandro

Fizzy School

Fizzy School is in — Lessons in JavaScript for anyone writing jQuery.

In supporting Metafizzy's plugins, I get to see a lot of other people's code. Over the years, I've seen that most people aren't having trouble with the plugins themselves. Rather, their issues deal with missing key JavaScript concepts.

jQuery makes writing browser JavaScript so accessible, it's easy to skip over some of JavaScript's core concepts. Fizzy School covers these concepts so novice developers can fill in the missing areas in learning JavaScript and jQuery.

Lessons have focused content, editable demos, re-usable code, and complimentary videos. If you're a beginner JS coder, Fizzy School is for you. Learn up!

If you're a JS pro, Fizzy School is for you to better understand the blind spots in JavaScript education. These lessons may seem obvious, but they are difficult to discover. Too much education is scattered across Stack Overflow questions, GitHub Issues, and various blog posts.

The lessons, demos, and videos are all readily available for you to learn for free. No paywalls.

If just learn one lesson, make it Cache jQuery objects. Everybody should know this one! It's a powerful concept that opens the door to understanding variables and functions.

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