Dropping IE8 and 9 support

1 Jul 2015 · by David DeSandro

2015 will be the last year Metafizzy supports IE8 and 9. In 2016, we'll release new major versions of our libraries that remove support for the Internet Explorers of yore.

The time has come. Global browser usage is especially low for both browsers. IE8 is at 2%. IE9 is at 1.5%.

IE8 and 9 were the last browsers to have significant feature gaps. Dropping their support will allow a lot of ugly code to be removed. Polyfill libraries can be removed like eventie, classie, and doc-ready.

If you still require IE8 and 9 support, previous versions will still be completely available to download and view documentation. The old versions will no longer get bug fixes or improved features, but you can continue using them as long as you like.

We've opened issues to track this change for each library. Follow along: