Draggabilly v3.0.0 released

29 Dec 2021 · by David DeSandro

Today, I released a new major version of Draggabilly, the draggable vanilla JS library, v3.0.0. Browser support for Internet Explorer has been dropped. JavaScript code has been written with ES2018 features. draggabilly.pkgd.js is now 500 lines-of-code smaller. Changes include:

  • ❌ BREAKING - Dropped AMD / RequireJS support
  • ❌ BREAKING - Dropped IE10 & IE11 support
  • 🛠 Updated JS code to ES2018.
  • 📦 Used Unidragger v3. Removed Unipointer
  • 🔔 Set handle to Element or Array or NodeList.
  • 🐞 Allowed to scroll on element when dragging is disabled. Fixed bug #189
  • 🛠 Checked for window for server-size rendering environments
  • 🛠 Allowed to trigger dragEnd to stop dragging. #177

If you use Draggabilly, please update and report back if you run into any issues. If you don't use Draggabilly — give it a whirl!

I've been using the holiday break to dip back in to Metafizzy. This work on Draggabilly paves the road for a similar major version update to Flickity.