BenCodeZen dragon mascot

4 Jan 2019 · by David DeSandro

BenCodeZen dragon mascot

DC area buddy Ben Hong has been pumping out front-end dev wisdom like wild. He pinged me about a logo for his personal brand BenCodeZen and I DELIVERED. Introducing Destinio!

Initial concepts were around dragons, Zen, and monograms.

BenCodeZen logo concepts

I was about to ship the Cute dragon design, but something was feeling off. It was looking a bit dopey.

BenCodeZen dragon mascot revision

The big change was bringing the outer circular shape up around its chest to its head. This did two things.

  1. It changed the position of head & neck so it was more up and back, giving it a more confident posture.
  2. It allowed the underbelly color to connect to the head, thus removing the need for an outline.

These changes made the dragon look more active and ready-to-rumble. It was a solid improvement, making for a simpler composition and a more iconic emblem.

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